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The ExtractionProcess

Extractions are a way to separate a desired substance when it is mixed with others.
We use drinkable grain alcohol as a solvent.

Ethanol Closed Loop System - extraction process


Our THC extracts are obtained through ice cold alcohol (ethanol) extraction. We make use of drinkable grain alcohol (for human consumption) in a closed-loop extraction system so that we can reuse the alcohol again.


We use this method to minimize the extraction of water-soluble compounds like chlorophyll and it will also leaves the lipids out of the extract. To maintain low temperatures, both the ethanol and the cannabis are cooled to below -50°C in our laboratory freezer.


Depending on the consistency of the cannabis and how finely it is ground, the frozen cannabis is briefly soaked in the ice cold ethanol. Once this process is finished and the evaporation and filtration steps follows, there will be a magically beautiful and super potent THC extract.