Pure 99% CBD Crystals (1gr)



Quantity CBD: 99,8% (±1000mg total)
Content: 1 gram
Type extract: Isolated CBD crystals
Meaning: No other cannabinoids and terpenes present
Benefits: Purest CBD product for different uses
Makes you feel: Calm and relaxed
Color: White
Packaging: Small plastic jar
Taste: None
Suitable for: Vaping, edibles, tinctures, etc

CBD Crystals
Those who buy CBD crystals often use them to create their own products. CBD crystals are also called isolates and have a wide range of applications. The extraction process ensures that only 100% pure CBD remains while all other cannabinoids and terpenes are filtered out.

Therefore, you can be sure they are absolutely free of THC. CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD. Unlike other products, crystals usually have a CBD content of at least 99%. They look like fine, white powder and are visually comparable to icing sugar or baking powder.

What are CBD crystals?
With CBD crystals, you can enjoy cannabidiol (CBD) in its purest form. CBD is an active ingredient found in cannabis sativa that can help relieve a wide range of ailments. It also has no psychotropic effect and doesn’t cause any dependence.

Moreover, CBD crystals are ideal for all those who prefer a high dosage. But you can also use them to produce your own oils, vapes, pre-rolls, tinctures, etc.

Effect of CBD Crystals
In an absolutely pure form, CBD crystals have a positive effect on the body. Depending on the intake, the active ingredient enters the blood through the lungs or the digestive system and reaches the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is responsible for numerous physiological processes and can also influence certain reactions and emotional states. The ECS regulates the following processes:

  • Inflammatory reactions
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Appetite

Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body. As a result, specific chemical compounds (such as CBD) can be natural therapeutics. This is especially helpful if your endocannabinoid system gets out of balance.

The intake of CBD stimulates the receptors and thus helps to strengthen the immune system. Studies have already shown that CBD and CBG can promote the production of anandamide.

Anandamide regulates sleep and influences appetite and memory. Since CBD crystals are almost free of side effects, you can only do something good for your body with our natural products.

Uses of CBD Crystals
Users and researchers basically agree: versatility is one of the most important characteristics of CBD. Thanks to the previously described interaction with the ECS, it can positively influence numerous physiological processes.

CBD crystals are mainly used to:

  • Relieve both acute and chronic pain
  • Increase the body’s defences
  • Sleep better
  • Lighten the mood
  • Counteract panic attacks
  • Switching off after a stressful day
  • Support the body’s anti-inflammatory response
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Manage skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis

If you are dealing with one of these complaints or are looking for a natural remedy to improve general well-being, you have come to the right place.

Benefits of CBD Crystals
CBD crystals are a safe and convenient way to benefit from the many properties of cannabidiol. In the following paragraph, we have summarised the five most important benefits.

High concentration:

Our crystals contain 99% pure CBD and can have a correspondingly strong effect. This makes them particularly attractive to people needing a higher CBD dose. Because they are so concentrated, even small amounts are enough to achieve the desired effect.


CBD crystals are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can be put directly under the tongue (sublingual administration), added to food or drinks, vaporised, or used as an active ingredient for skin care. This flexibility makes it an excellent option for people who want to exploit the full potential of cannabidiol.

Fast effect:

If you dissolve CBD crystals under your tongue, the oral mucosa already absorbs a large part of the active ingredient. Thus, it immediately enters the bloodstream and can quickly unfold its effect.

Easy dosage:

Since you know precisely how much CBD every crystal contains, you can dose them with great precision and adjust them to your needs.


Our CBD crystals are composed of 99% CBD, which we extract from our organically grown cannabis plants. Thanks to the sophisticated extraction process, we can also be sure of obtaining THC-free crystals.

How to take CBD Crystals
There are several ways to take CBD crystals. For many people, this is a decisive advantage because they are easy to integrate into everyday life. We present the three most popular ways of taking CBD crystals to show you how versatile they are.

Oral intake:
Probably the easiest way to take them. You just need to let the white powder melt under your tongue. Ideally, you keep the crystals under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds. After the extract is dissolved, it enters the bloodstream and unfolds its effect.

Smoke or vaporise CBD crystals:
In this case, cannabidiol enters the body throung the inhaled vapour. To vaporise the extract, you can dilute the crystals with our THC or Delta-8-THC oils and then enjoy it using a vaporiser. Of course, it is also possible to combine the CBD extract with already mixed e-liquids.

Dissolve CBD crystals in oil:
CBD crystals are ideal to produce homemade CBD sprays, CBD capsules, and CBD tablets. To do so you will need a carrier oil. MCT, hemp seed, and olive oil are particularly popular. CBD hemp oils usually have a CBD content between 5 % and 20 %. Some users want to try out higher dosages, at which point it makes sense to produce their own.

If you want to produce CBD drops for private consumption, dissolve the crystals in the carrier oil of your choice and place them in a water bath for about 10 minutes. The heat ensures optimal dilution. Make sure that the water bath is not warmer than 60° C. The dosage is simple: for 10 ml of oil with a CBD content of 10%, you’ll need 1 gram of pure CBD.


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