Pure 99% CBG Crystals (1gr)



Quantity CBG: 99,8% (±1000mg total)
Content: 1 gram
Type extract: Isolated CBG crystals
Meaning: No other cannabinoids and terpenes present
Benefits: Purest CBG product for different uses
Makes you feel: Energized and focused
Color: Beige
Packaging: Small plastic jar
Taste: None
Suitable for: Vaping, edibles, tinctures, etc

Dutch Cannabis CBG (Cannabigerol) crystals, the cannabinoid you don’t want to miss.

Obtained through the extraction of a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is the most revolutionary available in the hemp Sativa plants, the crystals of CBG are 99.8% pure. It is a very special phytocannabinoid, responsible for the synthesis of all the other cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. Unlike THC, it has no psychoactive or dopant effect, but only beneficial effects recently discovered thanks to the numerous scientific community’s researches.

This type of extract is perfect for vaping, but it can also be diluted with a beverage or food or through the sublingual intake. 50 mg of CBG will be sufficient to enjoy the various properties of the cannabigerol.

Dutch Cannabis CBG crystals are a natural product, extracted from the best plants that are organically grown.

What are benefits of CBG?
Thanks to the recent legalization of medical cannabis in many European countries and legalization of recreational hemp in countries such as USA or Canada, scientists can now thoroughly explore benefits of cannabinoids. Even though CBG was overlooked in the past – predominantly because of its low concentration – the recent research shows that it has a potential to help a person with many diseases and also helps dealing with more complicated health conditions.

1. It helps in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
According to a study published in 2013 at University of Naples, CBG can help with IBD thanks to its anti-inflammatory abilities. The study ascertained that cannabigerol significantly reduced the presence of inflammatory markers in mice with IBD and mitigated colitis.

Based on these successful results, scientists indicate that CBG could be used during clinical studies in people as an IBD treatment. If the anti-inflammatory effects of CBG are also demonstrated in humans, it can be also used to cure other diseases.

2. It has antimicrobial effects
You may wonder why anyone would go through all these difficulties which are connected to cannabinoids’ use only in order to get rid of negligible amount of bacteria. But humankind faces an increasing threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Bacteria, such as meticilin-resistant Styphylococcus aureus (MRSA), resist conventional treatment and affect millions of people every year. Novel antibacterial compound, such as CBG, may be just that what the world needs. A study submitted in 2008 proved that cannabigerol has significant antimicrobial effects.

3. It helps with urinary bladder problems
People on various internet platforms claimed that cannabis infusions help with urinary bladder dysfunctions. That is why a team of Italian scientists elaborated a study in 2015 which tested these statements.

Scientists discovered that CBG reduces contractions in urinary bladder and can help with eventual problems.

4. It stimulates appetite
Maybe you have noticed that cannabis smoking adds to your appetite. You lay down on the sofa for one minute and the next one you eat a chocolate flavour ice-cream directly from a fridge.

According to a study from 2016 which was published by University of Reading, CBG is responsible for the augmented appetite. Rats in the study which ate CBG doubled a food intake by increasing the amount of dishes that they ate.

It is estimated that approximately 1 % of American women suffer from anorexia while as many as 50 % suffer from disorders, such as anxiety or depression. CBG can help to overcome eating disorders and improve a mental condition in these women.

5. It helps to protect your brain
According to a study from 2015, CBG works as an antioxidant in the brain which means that it can protect nerve system from injury. The study shows that cannabigerol functions as an extremely active neuroprotective medicament in mice. Cannabinoid improved motoric deficits and protected neurons from toxicity.

The study also shows that the CBG dose leads to modest improvement in certain genic demonstrations which could help with Huntington disease.

6. It helps to fight cancer
Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, cannabigerol supports your body’s fight against cancer. A study submitted in 2014 discovered that CBG can be able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Cannabigerol’s administering could prevent colorectal cancer.

The study also shows that CBG can have anti-tumour abilities, which means that cannabinoid could be used not only for treatment but also to prevent cancer in the future.

7. It helps to cure glaucoma
Medical cannabis has been used in glaucoma treatment for decades. According to studies, CBG improves drainage of fluids from the eye and reduces intraocular pressure.
Moreover, cannabinoid works as vasodilator in an eye and improves blood circulation. This effect brings more blood into an eye, which is richer in oxygen and it can be useful in the treatment of other eye diseases.



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