THC Gummies Fruit 200mg THC (25gr)

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Cannabinoids per jar: 200mg THC
Cannabinoids per gummie: 20mg THC
Gummies per jar: 10 pieces
Jar size: 25 gram
Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelling Agent: Pectin, Fructose Syrup, Rehydrated Apple Powder, Acidifier: Citric Acid, Natural Flavours and Colorants, 200mg THC Distillate

Indulge in a burst of fruity goodness with our THC Gummies Fruit, each pack containing 10 vegan gummies infused with 200mg of THC (20mg per gummy). These delectable treats are perfect for those looking to unwind and experience the relaxing effects of THC in a deliciously convenient form. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy, mouthwatering gummy that delivers just the right amount of cannabis goodness to melt away stress and tension. With their precise dosage and delightful flavors, these gummies offer an easy way to enjoy the benefits of THC without any hassle.

Crafted with care and expertise, our THC Gummies Fruit promise a consistent and enjoyable experience every time you indulge. Whether you’re seeking relief from everyday stress or simply want to enhance your leisure time, these gummies provide a discreet and tasty solution. Each bite offers a symphony of flavors that complement the subtle yet effective high brought on by the premium quality THC infusion. You can savor every moment knowing that our gummies have been created with attention to detail, ensuring both potency and palatability in equal measure.

Take your relaxation routine up a notch with our THC Gummies Fruit – the ultimate combination of flavor-packed delight and therapeutic benefits in one sweet package.

1 review for THC Gummies Fruit 200mg THC (25gr)

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    First of all, thank you for the great service. I couldn’t believe you guys were real 😂, but you truly are. I’ve tried quite a few different edibles, but these THC gummies are definitely one of my favorites. They’re easy to dose with the 20mg per gummy and provide a good high that hits long and ‘hard’. The fruity flavors make them enjoyable to eat, and the packaging is discreet and convenient for on-the-go use. Overall, highly recommend these if you’re looking for a good buzz with great flavor!

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    I cannot thank the owners of DutchCannabisExtracts enough. When I stumbled upon their website, I was very sceptic. Convinced it was a big scam. After emailing back and forth with customer service I took the bet and made an order and man was I satisfied. Not only have they provided me with all the quality products I ordered but even a couple of free extra’s and amazingly fast and honest customer service. I have ordered 4 times now and the package is always packed good. The shipping never takes more then 4 working days for me. Overall the best clearnet cannabis experience.
    Much love from Belgium!
    These gummies are by the way very good! Super tasty and nice buzz.

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